The A&T Sports Pass is a high profit generating tool for the athletic department. The durable A&T Sports Pass will hold up all season and can be customized to include schedules and tracking numbers. A&T Fundraising will work with each coach or Athletic Director to design passes for every team or just select ones. Sold at the beginning of the school year or season, A&T Sports Passes provide your organization with the ability to raise start-up funds or increase cash flow through the year.

Some groups may qualify to receive a A&T Sport Pass at no cost to them. That's right, FREE! Contact a team member to find out how.

Why are Groups choosing A&T FundRaising?

  • High Profits
  • Hassle Free
    • no large inventory
    • no deliveries
    • no order taking
    • collect cash on spot
  • Earn Money Now - Pay Later
  • Discount Card is loved by all

5 Steps to a Highly Effective Fundraiser