Career Opportunities

At A&T Fundraising our main goal is helping others achieve their goal. If you are a self-motivated, goal oriented individual committed to helping others, A&T Fundraising is the perfect career opportunity for you.

We are looking to expand our discounts nationally and with A&T Fundraising you have the flexibility of working from home.

If you are an honest individual and are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below or send your resume' to

Looking to Add the Discount Card to your fundraising programs?

If you're in the fundraising business and looking to include the Discount Card program to your current list of fundraising products, contact A&T Fundraising at to learn how we can work together.

Why are Groups choosing A&T FundRaising?

  • High Profits
  • Hassle Free
    • no large inventory
    • no deliveries
    • no order taking
    • collect cash on spot
  • Earn Money Now - Pay Later
  • Discount Card is loved by all

5 Steps to a Highly Effective Fundraiser