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In this challenging economy, it can be difficult to sell items that people might not want or need unlike the A&T Fundraising Discount Card which has been saving people hundreds of dollars year after year. Discount cards are proven to work as successful fundraisers for many different types of groups, e.g., schools, youth leagues, churches and all types of non-profit organizations. In fact most groups that sell fundraising discount cards do it annually. We find that most people are excited about getting their new A&T Fundraising Discount Card and look forward to their savings. Read More...

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Why are Groups choosing A&T FundRaising?

  • High Profits
  • Hassle Free
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    • no order taking
    • collect cash on spot
  • Earn Money Now - Pay Later
  • Discount Card is loved by all

5 Steps to a Highly Effective Fundraiser