5 Steps to a Highly Successful Fundraiser

To help make your fundraiser successful and raise the funds you need, follow these five steps.


First step to being organized is to ask yourself a few questions, why, when and how.

a. Why are we trying to raise money? Is the fundraiser to raise money for school equipment, senior trip, or to pay for or offset some of the cost of music/athletic equipment?

b. When will we hold your fundraiser? Any upcoming holiday is an ideal time to hold a fundraiser. People will be looking for gift items. Factoring in the time for holiday delivery will require planning. Most fundraisers run for 2 weeks and if the fundraiser involves delivery of products, you must factor in time for the delivery which is usually another 2 weeks.

c. How much money do we need to raise? Once you decide upon the amount you need to raise, determine how many participants will be doing the actual fundraiser.

Once you decide on the total amount you need to raise, your contact will help you determine realistic sales goals each participant will need to achieve to reach your overall fund-raising goals.


A key contributing factor to your successful fundraiser will depend on the product and company you choose.

To make a decision about which company to use, you must first work with a company that you enjoy working with and have proven products. Find a product that has universal appeal.

Prior to meeting or going with a company, compile a list of questions to ask your contact.

Here are some questions you should ask:

a. How much will the product cost?
b. What is the profit we will make on each item?
c. Who pays shipping and how much is it?
d. Do you have a guarantee on your product?
e. When will the profits be paid to our organization?
f. When will the product be delivered?
g. How will the orders be delivered and distributed?


Once you have decided on your fundraiser, get the word out. Post on your website, newsletters, and bulletin boards. Also, send a letter announcing the fundraiser home with the students and give it to teachers. Be sure to ask local businesses to help you advertise by posting fliers in their stores. Moreover, do not forget the local paper. Most local newspapers will run community events in their weekly paper.

The message should include the product you are selling, why you are trying to raise funds, the dates the fundraiser will run and when the monies are due.


Offering incentives is a good way to keep your fundraiser fun and to keep participants more engaged. Consider the age of your participants and pick out incentives that will motivate them the most.

Ideas to consider are:

a. Party (pizza, ice cream, skating, etc.)
b. Gift certificates
c. Giveaways


Fund-raising shouldn’t be difficult. It is important to keep your fund-raising simple and fun. Work with a company that has proven products, steps and success.

For more information contact A&T Fundraising.